Epson LQ-2550

Language: Epson ESC/P

Speed: 333 CPS - Draft 10 CPI400 CPS - Draft 12 CPI111 CPS - LQ 10 CPI133 CPS - LQ 12 CPI

Graphics: 60, 180, 360dpi

No. of Pins: 24


Epson LQ-2550 Fonts

Internal Fonts

Typeface Quality Pitches
Draft Draft 10, 12, 15
Roman LQ 10, 12, 15, Proportional
Sans Serif LQ 10, 12, 15, Proportional
Courier LQ 10, 12, 15
Prestige LQ 10, 12, 15
OCR-A LQ 10, 12
OCR-B LQ 10, 12

All fonts available in double-high, double-wide, emphasized, double-strike, italic, underline, superscript, subscript, outline and shadow.

Optional Fonts - Multi-font Module

Typeface Quality Pitches
Orator LQ 10
Orator-S LQ 10

Epson LQ-2550 Paper Handling

Continuous Feeding

Tractor Feed: Push tractor, standard

Optional Feeders: Optional Pull Tractor #7314
Optional Cut Sheet Feeder Dual Bin ##7343

Manual Feeding

1. Take the printer off line and press the PAPER SELECT button until the FRICTION light comes on. If continuous paper is loaded, it will be fed backwards to a standby position.

2. Raise the paper guide until it locks in place.

3. Close the paper guide cover.

4. Slide the left edge guide until it rests against the guide mark. Next, adjust the right edge guide to match the width of your paper.

5. Slide a sheet of paper down between the edge guides until it meets resistance.

6. Press the LOAD/EJECT button once to automatically load the paper.

7. Press the ON LINE button to set the printer on line.

Epson LQ-2550 Settings

Printer Settings - LCD Panel

Menu Choices (Default marked with *)
Font Draft*, Roman, Sans Serif, Courier, Prestige, Script, OCR-B, OCR-A
Pitch 10 CPI*, 12 CPI, 15 CPI, Proportional
Condensed On, Off*
Form Length 24 lines through 132 lines, 66 default
1" Skip On, Off*
Auto Tear Off On, Off*
Left Margin 0* to 80 columns
Right Margin 1 to 136 columns
CG Table Italic*, Graphic, Download
Country USA*, France, Germany, UK, Denmark 1, Sweden, Italy, Spain 1, Japan, Norway, Denmark 2, Spain 2, Latin America, Korea, Legal
Print Direction Bi-directional *, Unidirectional
Color Black*, Magenta, Cyan, Violet, Yellow, Red, Green
Interface Parallel*, Serial
Baud Rate (Serial) 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600*, 19200 BPS
Parity (Serial) None*, Even, Odd, Ignore
Auto Line Feed On, Off*
DC1/DC3 Disable*, Enable
Default macro #1*, #2, #3, #4

Epson LQ-2550 Error Messages

Message Meaning
HEAD HOT The print head is overheating, The printing will automatically resume when the head cools.
ERROR 10 Paper Jam. Turn the printer off and reload the paper.
ERROR 11 The paper is not straight. Turn the printer off and reload the paper.
ERROR 12 The platen knob was used to advance the paper. Turn the printer off and reload the paper.

Epson LQ-2550 Interfaces


Availability: Standard

Connection: Centronics Female

Activation: Front Panel


Availability: Standard

Connection: D-sub 25-pin

Activation: Front Panel

Optional Interfaces:

#8143 New Serial Interface

#8148 Intelligent Serial Interface

#8165 Intelligent IEEE-488 Interface