Epson Action Laser 1600

Language: PCL Level 5 (HP LaserJet 4), Epson ESC/P2, Epson ESC/P

Speed: 6 PPM

Memory: 2MB, exp. to 64 MB

Graphics: 600 x 600 dpi

Autorotate: Yes

Duplex: Not Available


Epson Action Laser 1600 Fonts

Internal Fonts HP 4 Emulation Mode

Typeface Style/Weights HP Equivalent
Flare Serif 821 SWC Medium, Extra Bold Albertus
Incised 901 SWC Medium, Bold, Italic Antique Olive
Swiss 721 SWM Medium, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic Arial
Zapf Humanist 601 Demi SWC Medium, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic CG Omega
Dutch 801 SWC Medium, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic CG Times
Clarendon Condensed SWC Condensed Clarendon
Ribbon 131 SWC   Coronet
Courier SWC Medium, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic Courier
Original Garamond SWC Antiqua, Halbfett, Kursiv, Kursiv Halbfett Garamond
Letter Gothic SWC Medium, Bold, Italic Letter Gothic
Audrey Two SWC   Marigold
Symbol Set SWA   Symbol
Dutch 801 SWM Medium, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic Times New
Swiss 742 SWC Medium, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic, Medium Condensed, Bold Condensed, Medium Condensed Italic, Bold Condensed Italic Univers
More Wingbats SWM   Wingdings
Line Printer (bitmap)   Line printer

Internal Fonts Epson LQ-2500 Emulation Mode

Typeface Point Pitch Style Weight
Courier 12 10 Upright Medium
Courier 12 10 Upright Bold
Courier 10 12 Upright Medium
Courier 10 12 Upright Bold
Line Printer 8.5 16.66 Upright Medium
Prestige 10 12 Upright Medium
Prestige 6 20 Upright Medium

Symbol Set Emulation Modes

Symbol Set HP 4 Epson LQ
Epson Graphics no yes
Epson Italic no yes
HP German yes no
HP Spanish yes no
HP Legal yes no
HP Roman Extension yes no
ECMA94 Latin-1 yes no
HP Roman-8 yes no
HP IBM-US yes no
HP IBM-DN yes no
PC Multilingual yes yes
PC USA no yes
PC Nordic no yes
PC Portuguese no yes
PC CanFrench no yes

Optional Fonts HP 4 Emulation Mode

The printer uses fonts compatible with the HP LaserJet 4. See HP LaserJet 4 Cartridges

Epson Action Laser 1600 Paper Handling

Unprintable Regions

Left: 50 dots (0.167")

Right: 50 dots (0.167")

Top: 50 dots (0.167")

Bottom: 50 dots (0.167")

Continuous Feeding

Standard Tray: Letter size, 100 sheets

Optional Trays: Lower cassette, 250 sheets

Loading Paper

When the printer is out of paper, it goes off line so you can reload paper in the tray.

To load a stack of paper in the printer's paper tray, fan the paper, open the paper cover, adjust the paper guides for the proper width, and insert the paper into the tray. Then close the cover.

Once you have loaded paper, put the printer back on line by pressing the On Line button.

Setting the paper tray's paper size

By default, the printer is set up to expect letter-size paper to be loaded in both the standard tray and optional lower paper cassette. If you load paper of a different size, you need to use the control panel to update the printer for the paper size loaded in the tray. This cannot be done from your software.

  1. Hold down the the Alt button while you press the Paper Size button. This displays the standard tray's current setting.
    To display to lower paper cassette's paper size, press the Item button.
  2. Press the arrow button to change the paper size. Keep pressing until the correct paper size is displayed.
  3. Press the Enter button. This saves the displayed value as the new paper size. An asterisk (*) at the right of the display that indicates the setting shown is selected.
  4. Press the On Line button to put the printer back on line.

    If you see the message RESET TO SAVE the new setting cannot take place immediately. Press the Reset button while you hold down the Alt button. This updates the printer with the new setting.

Using Manual Feed

  1. Select the paper size and select manual feed as the paper source. If possible, use your software to select the paper source and enter manual feed. Then skip to step 7. If you are not able to select the paper source and manual feed through your software, use the control panel buttons as described in steps 2 through 6.
  2. Use the printer's control panel to select the page size as described above.
  3. To use the control panel to select manual feed, first hold down the Alt button and press the Manual button. The display shows the following: MANUAL FEED = OFF.
  4. Press the arrow button once so the display now shows MANUAL FEED = ON.
  5. Press the Enter button. An asterisk (*) indicates that the setting shown is selected.
  6. Press the On Line button to put the printer back on line. If the RESET TO SAVE message appears, press the Reset button while you hold down the Alt button.
  7. Open the paper cover and remove the paper currently loaded.
  8. Adjust the paper guides to match the width of the paper you are using and insert a single sheet of paper into the paper tray as far as it will go.

    If you are printing envelopes, you can load up to ten envelopes into the standard tray; the exact number depends on the thickness of the envelopes.
  9. When the printer receives one page of data, the message MANUAL FEED appears on the display followed by the selected paper size.
  10. Press the Manual button to print the sheet.

The printer stops after printing the single sheet. If you want to print additional pages, load another sheet and press the Manual button. Repeat the above procedure for each sheet you need to load manually.

Once you are finished manually printing sheets, replace the paper in the paper tray and close the cover. To take the printer out of manual feed, either use your software or the control panel, depending on how you initially selected manual feed.

Loading paper into the lower paper cassette

  1. Remove the paper cassette from the printer by pulling it straight out. Then place it on a flat surface.
  2. Take a stack of paper and fan it thouroughly.
  3. Press down on the plate in the cassette until it clicks.
  4. Insert the stack of paper face-up into the cassette with the corners of the paper beneath the two tabs at the back of the paper cassette.
  5. Re-insert the paper cassette and push it firmly into place.

Epson Action Laser 1600 Messages


Message Meaning
CHECK PAPER SIZE The paper size specified from the software is different than the paper size specified by the STD SIZE and OPT SIZE settings. Check to see if the correct paper size is loaded in the standard tray or optional lower cassette. You may need to change the STD SIZE and OPT SIZE settings to match the paper size.
EEPROM ERROR The printer found illegal data in the EEPROM memory. Press the Continue button to continue. You should also check that any SelecType settings you changed from the factory defaults are still in effect.
FEED JAM Paper is not feeding intot he printer from the specified tray or cassette or has jammed on its way into the printer. Remove the jammed paper and press the Continue button.
ILLEGAL CART The printer cannot read the font cartridge inserted. To correct this error, turn off the printer. Then remove the cartridge and reinsert it.
IMAGE OPTIMUM There is insufficient memory to print the page using the specified print quality. The printer automatically reduces the print quality so it can continue printing. If the printout is not acceptable, try simplifying the page by reducing the number of fonts or font sizes or by switching the resolution to 300 dpi. You may also need to increase the amount of printer memory.
INSERT CART You may have removed an optional font cartridge while the Form Feed light was on (indicating print data was received but not yet printed). To correct the error, reinsert the font cartridge and press the Continue button.
MANUAL FEED (page size) Manual feed is specified for the current job. Make sure the specified paper size is loaded in the standard paper tray and press the On Line button. If you do not want to print using manual mode, press the Continue button.
MEM OVERFLOW The printer has insufficient memory available for the current task. To correct the error, press the Continue button. if the message remains, reset the printer. You can also clear this message by turning the printer off and then on again.

If you continually receive this message when printing a particular page, try simplifying the page by reducing the number and size of fonts or by using 300 dpi resolution. You can also add more memory to the printer.

PAPER JAM Paper is jammed in the paper path. Open the printer cover and clear the jammed paper.
PAPER OUT (paper source) (paper size) There is no paper in the specified tray. Load paper of the specified size and press the On Line button.
PAPER SET (paper source) (paper size) The paper loaded in the specified tray does not match the required size. Replace the paper in the tray with paper of the specified size and press the Continue button. The printer automatically updates the TRAY SIZE setting for the specified paper size.
PC INSTALL The optional lower paper cassette is not installed but it is specified as the paper source. Turn the printer off, wait ten seconds, and turn the printer back on.

Check the paper source setting in your software to be sure that the standard tray is selected.

PRINT OVERRUN The required time to process the print data exceeds the print engine speed because the current page is too complex. Press Continue to resume printing. If this message appears again, change the PAGE PROTECT setting in the JOB menu.
PRINTER OPEN The printer cover is open. Close the printer cover to continue printing.
RAM ERROR 1 or 2 The specified SIMM cannot be used. Remove SIMM 1 or SIMM 2 as appropriate. Reinstall the SIMM.
READY The printer is ready to receive data or to print.
REMOVE CART You may have inserted an optional font cartridge while the Form Feed light was on. To correct the error, remove the cartridge, reinsert it into the slot, and press the Continue button.
RESET The printer's current interface port has been reset and the buffer cleared. However, other interface ports are still active and retain their settings or data.
RESET ALL All printer settings have been reset to the specified settings.
RESET TO SAVE You have changed a SelecType setting but the new setting has not yet been enabled. To enable the new setting, hold down the Alt button and press Reset.
SELF TEST The printer is performing an internal check cycle. Please wait a few seconds until the check is finished.
SERVICE REQ.XXXX A controller error or a print engine error has been detected. Write down the error number listed on the display and turn off the printer. Wait at least fice seconfs and then turn it back on. If the error message still appears, turn off the printer, unplug the power cord, and contact a qualified service person.
STANDBY The printer is currently in a low-power state. (When the printer is not used for 15 minutes, it enters standby mode.) Press any button or send data to warm up the printer. Warm-up takes approximately 30 seconds.
TONER LOW The printer is almost out of toner. When you see this message, you must replace the imaging cartridge soon.
TONER OUT You must replace the imaging cartridge. To print one additional page, press Continue.
WARMING UP The printer is warming up. Warm-up takes approximately 30 seconds.

Epson Action Laser 1600 Interfaces


Availability: Standard

Connection: Centronics Female

Activation: Panel


Availability: Standard RS-232C

Connection: DB 25

Activation: Panel

Optional Interface Boards:

#C823071 32KB serial Interface, #C82310 32KB Parallel Interface, #C82314 Twinax (for direct connection to IBM mini or mainframe), #C82315 Coax (for direct connection to IBM mini or mainframe)