Epson Action Laser 1400

Language: PCL Level 5 (HP LaserJet 4P)

Speed: 4 PPM

Memory: 2MB, exp. to 18 MB

Graphics: 600 x 600 dpi

Autorotate: Yes

Duplex: Not Available


Epson Action Laser 1400 Fonts

Internal Fonts

Typeface Style/Weights HP Equivalent
Flare Serif 821 SWC Medium, Extra Bold Albertus
Incised 901 SWC Medium, Bold, Italic Antique Olive
Swiss 721 SWM Medium, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic Arial
Zapf Humanist 601 Demi SWC Medium, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic CG Omega
Dutch 801 SWC Medium, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic CG Times
Clarendon Condensed SWC Condensed Clarendon
Ribbon 131 SWC   Coronet
Courier SWC Medium, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic Courier
Original Garamond SWC Antiqua, Halbfett, Kursiv, Kursiv Halbfett Garamond
Letter Gothic SWC Medium, Bold, Italic Letter Gothic
Audrey Two SWC   Marigold
Symbol Set SWA   Symbol
Dutch 801 SWM Medium, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic Times New
Swiss 742 SWC Medium, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic, Medium Condensed, Bold Condensed, Medium Condensed Italic, Bold Condensed Italic Univers
More Wingbats SWM   Wingdings

Epson Action Laser 1400 Paper Handling

Unprintable Regions

Left: 50 dots (0.167")

Right: 50 dots (0.167")

Top: 50 dots (0.167")

Bottom: 50 dots (0.167")

Continuous Feeding

Standard Tray: Letter size, 100 sheets

  1. Lift the paper tray from its recessed position in the top of the printr and extend the paper support located at the top of the tray.
  2. If you are loading legal-sized or other oversized paper, extend the support further by rotating the paper support extension out of its recess at the end of the paper support.
  3. Position the paper guides slightly further apart than the width of the paper.
  4. Open the exit tray. If you're printing oversized pages, pull out the paper support extension.
  5. Fan a stack of paper and even up the edges.
  6. Pull the paper release lever at the top right of the printer toward you.
  7. Insert the paper stack (up to 100 sheets) between the paper guides of the paper tray.
  8. Slide the paper guides against the paper stack. Make sure the paper guides do not press the paper too tightly.
  9. Push the paper release lever toward the back of the printer. This places the feed rolls in contact with the paper. Paper will not feed correctly if the paper release lever is not in the feed position.

Epson Action Laser 1400 Messages

The two lights on the front panel allow you to monitor the status of the printer.

READY ERROR Printer Status
Off Off Printer is off.
Slow flashing Off Printer is in power save mode.
Flashing Off Print data is being received at the printer or has already been received.
On Off Printer is ready to receive data.
Off On Either the paper tray is empty or there is paper feed problem.
Off Flashing One of the following errors has occurred:
  • Paper has jammed inside the printer.
  • The front cover is open.
  • The toner cartridge is not installed.
Flashing On One of the following errors has occurred:
  • Insufficient memory to print job.
  • Printer is in manual feed mode and is waiting for the next sheet.
  • There is a printer overrun error.
Flashing Flashing The printer is warming up.
On On A printer engine or controller error has occurred. Contact your dealer or a qualified service person.

Epson Action Laser 1400 Interfaces


Availability: Standard

Connection: Centronics Female

Activation: Automatic