North East Florida Educational Consortium (NEFEC) is proud to offer online reading courses which are learner-centered, curriculum-focused and instructor-guided that will address the first four competencies for teachers seeking the Reading Endorsement. NEFEC's online professional development provides meaningful and authentic learning, access to a variety of research-based best practices, mentoring by our state's experts, and practical application for increased student performance.

Competency 1:Instructional Foundations of Language and Reading (60 hours)
Participants will develop an understanding of reading as a process of student engagement in both fluent decoding of words and construction of meaning. This 60-hour online training will provide substantive knowledge of language structure and function, as well as cognition for each of the five major components of the reading process. This training meets the requirements for Competency 1 of the Reading Endorsement Add-on Certification Program.

Competency 2: Applications of Research-Based Instruction (60 hours)
Applications of Research-Based Instruction (with components of FOR-PD) is an online staff development training designed to help teachers improve reading instruction for learners in grades preK-12. Course topics include the five essential elements of teaching reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. This 60-hour training meets the requirements for Competency 2 of the Reading Endorsement Add-on Certification Program. 

Competency 3: Foundations of Assessment for Teachers and Principals (60 hours)
This online training will provide teachers and principals with skills and knowledge in using the results of screening, diagnosis, progress monitoring and outcome reading assessments to guide instructional decision making in grades K-12. The 60-hour course meets the full requirement of Competency 3, Foundations of Assessment, of the Reading Endorsement Add-on Certification Program.

Competency 4: Foundations and Applications of Differentiated Instruction (60 hours)
This online training will provide teachers and administrators with knowledge and skills to identify the needs of students with differing profiles and use this knowledge for instructional decision making to meet the needs of all students. Participants will gain an understanding of how to prescribe, differentiate instruction, and utilize appropriate strategies and materials from scientifically-based reading research in order to address prevention, identification, and remediation. This 60-hour online training meets the requirements for COMPETENCY 4: Foundations and Application of Differentiated Instruction, of the Reading Endorsement Add-on Certification Program. 

Competency 5: Demonstration of Accomplished Practices in Reading (60 hours)
Through this online practicum, participants will demonstrate research-based instructed strategies for all of the components of reading, as well as administration of related assessments and data analysis. Participants will also demonstrate skill in student engagement and differentiation for learners from diverse backgrounds. Participants will be required to submit a minimum of three (3) video-recorded lessons in a digital format in order to meet the demonstration of this Competency. Upon completion of this practicum, participants will have fulfilled Competency 5 of the Florida Reading Endorsement.

NEFEC's courses are for inservice points and are not college level courses. The Florida Department of Education will not accept NEFEC's courses if they are submitted by an individual for recertification or endorsement. They must be submitted through a district as part of their approved Master Inservice Plan.

Participants are responsible for following their district’s requirements to obtain inservice credit and endorsement. If you are unsure if your district will accept courses offered through NEFEC, you will need to check with your district Staffing Development office.

Course Updates

All courses are current and meet the latest specific indicators as outlined by the Florida Department of Education. New indicators include:

  • A shift in terminology from phonemic awareness to phonological awareness
  • Inclusion of an oral language performance indicator
  • Inclusion of an oral language sub-indicator in each reading component
  • Inclusion of a writing sub-indicator throughout the new endorsement
  • Inclusion of a sub-indicator related to informal and formal assessment throughout Competency 1 and 2
  • Competencies 4 and 5 have been collapsed under Competency 4
  • Competency 5 is now the practicum

Follow this link for the complete updated matrices

If a teacher has completed courses under the old endorsement, those courses will count toward the new endorsement.  After August 2012, additional courses teachers complete should reflect the new competencies and indicators.  For example, if a teacher completes Competencies 1 and 2 under the old endorsement before August 2012, he/she may then take Competencies 3, 4, and 5 under the new endorsement after August 2012. 

For additional information on the reading endorsement requirements, please visit FLDOE's website at


Previous Courses New Courses Hours
Competency 1: Foundations of Language and Cognition Competency 1: Instructional Foundations of Language and Reading 60
Competency 2: Foundations of Research-Based Practices Competency 2: Applications of Research-Based Practices 60
Competency 3: Applied Data Analysis for Principals and Teachers Competency 3: Foundations of Assessment for Teachers and Principals 60
Competency 4 & 5: Foundations and Applications of Differentiated Instruction (30 hours each course) Competency 4: Foundations and Applications of Differentiated Instruction 60
Competency 6: Supervised Practicum - Demonstration of Accomplishment (face-to-face only)

Competency 5: Demonstration of Accomplished Practices in Reading




Upcoming Courses/Registration

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